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Title: Exterminatus beta 7 is out +++ ... and the animations got fixed
Post by: Bahl on September 28, 2012, 09:51:01 PM
It took a little while longer and as a result the list of issues is down three items!
(http://www.rivalspecies.com/gallery/gallery5/nail/rs_ac_fortress0009.jpg) (http://www.rivalspecies.com/gallery/gallery5/rs_ac_fortress0009.jpg)

You'll hardly notice but the marine now uses the idle animation in this screenshot. There seems to be an issue with the JMonkey animations though: They are not vertex bound! Instead they are geometry bound which makes it impossible to have for example the elbow belong to two bones.

After the static lighting, this is the second major issues with this engine. I hope they'll fix that before I get this game ready for playing!

Exterminatus beta 7 is released and you can grab your source engine 40k goodness at 40ksource.com. I reduced the shameless plug to a simple download link in order to provide you with a good overview of the good old Rival Species progress.

(http://www.40ksource.com/refs/beta_install_256.png) (http://www.40ksource.com/downloads.php)