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Title: New Alpha version for balancing
Post by: Bahl on September 26, 2010, 11:45:52 PM
For now I'd just like to announce that I've finished my initial pre-alpha bug fixing and added a nice new feature: I now can address balancing issues without having to compile and debug the code! That should finally get me the solution for the load of balancing issues we have.

Additionally, I've managed to add the thunderhammer and stormshield to the game! Looks stunning and should actually be useful since I managed to add the sprinting ability to the terminator captain. Decided to add it generally (that means no matter which weapon he uses) because that's the way these kind of abilities are usually treated in my code. We'll see if that is a feasible decision during test.

And here comes the new alpha release:


I may update the second file as I move along and fix initial test stopping bugs.

I've tested the long talked about robots and found a couple of bugs that I will work on during the next days. That means the server is only sporadically up! If you want the server up for balance testing:

Join the #rspecies1 IRC channel on quakenet and tell me, I can put it up anytime.

Remember though, that you will need a testing buddy to play with (and it is not going to be me, since I'm occupied fixing the mentioned bugs).
Title: Re: New Alpha version for balancing
Post by: Bahl on October 02, 2010, 11:38:20 AM
Okey, my first little test with robots exposed the following problems:

DONE - the recoil of the shooting weapons seems to be calculated wrongly. it decreases too fastly making the recoil look very abrupt. ... stupid frame recalculation.

DONE - the log messages String concatenation exposes the same bug as in windows.. numbers are added at the front instead of where they belong.

DONE - the smallest cooking time made the grenades start from the left hand instead of the right one. ... that was confusing.

DONE - the server seems to be very busy logging the AI messages.

DONE - we have a leak creating edicts all the time after a player has left the server empty. ... fricking old voice game manager has a leak (if not more).

DONE - if the robot connects to rs_ca_platform choosing IW (which is forbidden) it will crash once he is supposed to choose the weapon (or class if i don't remember correctly).

DONE - the robot is idling all the time. ... never trust the compiler to initialise integers with 0.

DONE - after the bugfix for recoil, all muzzles need to be adjusted. ... gods what a fricking tedious task!