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Title: Alpha patch
Post by: Bahl on November 06, 2010, 02:45:35 PM
New alpha:


You can skip the full version and just download rspecies_1265.zip if you want to. It is a complete game but does not contain the maps and textures and the manual. That means you can still connect to a server and download the maps as they are running. Alternatively you can use it as an update to an older version, specifically to 1264.

The bugfixes:
- weapon recoil is now calculated consistently between server and clients.
- log messages including string concatenation now concatenate integers at the correct position.
- muzzle origins for projectile weapons (grenades) are now largely fixed.
- server doesn't log AI messages anymore.
- voice game manager doesn't allocate new edicts anymore while the server is empty.
- robot choosing class and weapons is now validated.
- robot is not idling all the time anymore. (he is now running against a wall... depending on which AI is connected.)
- muzzles are adjusted for all weapons.
Title: Re: Alpha patch
Post by: Bahl on November 06, 2010, 05:42:49 PM
DONE - standard melee weapons still have a power weapon effect
DONE - the 'No Leader' button should be a 'Toggle Leader' button instead (default false).
DONE - the lives in HUD are calculated wrongly by factor 10 in the case of BT devastator
DONE - when killing yourself below 0 points, you get a lot of points (integer overflow)
DONE - when being out of spawns, you cycle the class and weapon menus
DONE - necron speeds are too low, even wraiths
DONE - followbots and robots don't stop shooting once they started
DONE - when a player disconnects during round end, the round state is bogus

CANT - when reconnecting, the mouse look gets turned off ... not enough information for reproducing it
CANT - sometimes a reconnected player cant see any entries in the scoreboard ... not enough information
CANT - sometimes after a while, the client side weapon stops working and only switching weapons helps
CANT - after several rounds, he server is getting out of edicts and the client randomly terminates after a while

SZ_GetSpace: overflow on netchan->message
WARNING: reliable overflow for Eltharyon

Dropped Eltharyon from server
Reason:  Reliable channel overflowed
Dropped Sirex from server
Reason:  Timed out
Dropped Bahl from server
Reason:  Timed out

Dropped zenarion from server
Reason:  Client sent 'drop'
Dropped Sirex from server
Reason:  Client sent 'drop'
Dropped Bahl from server
Reason:  Client sent 'drop'

L 11/06/2010 - 19:50:04: FATAL ERROR (shutting down): ED_Alloc: no free edicts
FATAL ERROR (shutting down): ED_Alloc: no free edicts

After a little research, I think it may be map related. Lets see if this happens on a certain map only. Alternatively, it may be with many followbots or any other entity that gets spanwed but never removed. A good feature may be to have a surveillance of the used entities each round for example and store that information per map counting up the rounds. I will only woalk into that solution if we continue to have the problem with next alpha.