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Rival Species - News / much better now
« on: September 08, 2012, 03:54:32 PM »
It took a little while, but now the list of issues is down two items :-).
  • It is not animate
  • It has badly mixed up texture coordinates[DONE]
  • It is not world oriented
  • It has no physics whatsoever
  • It is way too dark[DONE]
  • It has no bolter!


Plus I've added a lovely little RSS feed button to the page and cleaned the links at the top. Another noteworthy thing might be that I'm making progress on killing the spambots on the forum. Once none of them is slipping through my filters anymore, I can activate it again.

Rival Species - News / it took a little while
« on: August 31, 2012, 10:00:59 PM »
... but not all too long until I collected the energy to convert the most important model: the space marine!

I'm currently using it as a fitting replacement for the blue box avatar and I have to admit, it is an upgrade. Even though you will easily spot:
  • It is not animate
  • It has badly mixed up texture coordinates
  • It is not world oriented
  • It has no physics whatsoever
  • It is way too dark
  • It has no bolter!

The site revamp is not completely done yet (the forum theme still shows a lot of Call of Duty stuff) but I managed to make it consistent with the web page :-).

On other news, the level rendering is coming along and now includes rendermodes, yay! Now what should I choose next... ligts or sky? Anyways, here comes some eyecandy (I'm sticking to the established pattern of showing the original besides the current state in JMonkey):


As you may have realized, I've switched on the lights and updated the screenshot above with a more recent version of my efforts! By this time around, the list of open issues has been reduced and the current state is as follows:

  • The textures are only the color of their first pixel [DONE]
  • The view distance is too short [DONE]
  • There is no skybox[DONE]
  • There are no lights[DONE]
  • There are no transparency effects[DONE]
  • There are no map models
  • Textures turned upside down and all around [DONE]
  • Different texture scales [DONE]

There were some major issues with the lighting so that I couldn't really complete the step. JMonkey currently rerenders the complete scene for each light. Which means with the current amount of lights on Fortress that it will play at roughly one frame in ten seconds. They will of course fix that but I'll have to wait for that before I can progress with rendering. In the meantime, you can support the case! If you have a google account, then I urgently suggest you take a look at this list: and click a star on issue number 510. I've already posted mine, but some more attention might help ;-).

So what is next? There is one step remaining in the list above and that is actually a whole new chapter: Loading models! I may turn silent again for a while until I answered the main questions concerning that and resolved the basic functionality. In the meantime, I'll try and improve the website and hopefully free us from the plague of spambots so that I can let you loose on the forum again. Until then, you can still comment on each news post ;-).

Rival Species - News / And there we climb to the next branch
« on: August 12, 2012, 07:54:52 PM »
I seem to have come into a nice habit of getting things done these days :-). So here comes an update on the scenic content conversion with a screenshot for comparison. From all the issues collected before, I managed to finish the following:

  • The textures are only the color of their first pixel [DONE]
  • The view distance is too short [DONE]
  • There is no skybox
  • There are no lights
  • There are no transparency effects
  • There are no map models
  • Textures turned upside down and all around [DONE]
  • Different texture scales [DONE]
So in summary, basic map content conversion seems to work now and the next step will be adding the bells and whistles! And now the stage is open for the screenshots:


Rival Species - News / Gimme moar food!!!
« on: August 07, 2012, 11:10:48 PM »
It took only a few days to achieve a fix for the first issue mentioned i the foregoing news post. And I intend to use these news as somewhat of a blog as long as I have only very few 'readers' (and little to show off). So here comes an update that obviously fixes the textures.. and adds a new problem :-).

As you can see, texture drawing quality will be higher than in HL1 and I will be able to use increased resolutions wherever the original resources are avialable. As you can also see, I still have new issues with
  • Textures turned upside down and all around
  • Different texture scales

But it is still an enjoyable progress! And for reference purposes I'm throwing in a screenshot of the same view with the good old HalfLife engine:

Rival Species - News / Let's feed it to the monkeys!
« on: August 04, 2012, 05:21:12 PM »
Ah well, you might have recognized the recent slowdown in development and events... and practially everything ;-). To be more precise, this mod has been dead since about two years (and walking dead for years already then). But that doesn't mean I will stop doing things with it! Haha, nooo, I can still feed it to the monkeys!

So since about a year I'm occupied with that, feeding the core game logic costed about half a year. Afterwards it was time for the scenic content and just these days I had a break through in that area :-). Here you can see the results of it:

So what is that you may ask? Well, that is the JMonkey engine! And the most important thing was to read the HalfLife map files into the format of that engine. For that, I needed to do some old school math and it took a while.

So what's in it for you? If you are an old times player and fan of Rival Species then you will possibly recognize that this is the first line of defense in the map called Fortress. You can also see that its latest rendition is far from complete:

  • The textures are only the color of their first pixel
  • The view distance is too short
  • There is no skybox
  • There are no lights
  • There are no transparancy effects
  • There are no map models

All that will keep me busy for a while, but why is it worth it? On the IRC channel of our only remaining clan Ordo Xenos, old time player Razielk received an answer to that question:
<]OX[Razielk> so what are the benefits of this new engine?
<Bahl> the benefits are for once that it is being updated
<Bahl> which means it keeps up with recent developments
<Bahl> the HL1 engine is static...
<Bahl> the second thing is, I can modify or read whatever bit of code of it that I need
<Bahl> the third is, it is in Java which has better tools freely available and more software technology to use in combination
<Bahl> that's roughly it ^^

Rival Species - News / Alpha update
« on: November 18, 2010, 09:05:07 PM »

Is the new hotness, containing bugfixes:
DONE - standard melee weapons still have a power weapon effect
DONE - the 'No Leader' button should be a 'Toggle Leader' button instead (default false).
DONE - the lives in HUD are calculated wrongly by factor 10 in the case of BT devastator
DONE - when killing yourself below 0 points, you get a lot of points (integer overflow)
DONE - when being out of spawns, you cycle the class and weapon menus
DONE - necron speeds are too low, even wraiths
DONE - followbots and robots don't stop shooting once they started
DONE - when a player disconnects during round end, the round state is bogus

and improvements:
DONE Make sergeants choosable, make followbots spawnable for all species sergeants (instead of normal soldiers), make sergeants more expensive, make marine classes more expensive in general.
DONE Allow robots to spawn followbots.

Rival Species - News / Alpha patch
« on: November 06, 2010, 02:45:35 PM »
New alpha:

You can skip the full version and just download if you want to. It is a complete game but does not contain the maps and textures and the manual. That means you can still connect to a server and download the maps as they are running. Alternatively you can use it as an update to an older version, specifically to 1264.

The bugfixes:
- weapon recoil is now calculated consistently between server and clients.
- log messages including string concatenation now concatenate integers at the correct position.
- muzzle origins for projectile weapons (grenades) are now largely fixed.
- server doesn't log AI messages anymore.
- voice game manager doesn't allocate new edicts anymore while the server is empty.
- robot choosing class and weapons is now validated.
- robot is not idling all the time anymore. (he is now running against a wall... depending on which AI is connected.)
- muzzles are adjusted for all weapons.

Agenda / Mapping Agenda
« on: October 02, 2010, 03:04:23 PM »
DONE resident_darkness - fix the broken message entity
DONE rebellion - correct main door reset




rs_de_raveniv - forbid assault and raptor, allow drivers, rebuild textures and architecture
rs_ca_dominia - Still no wraithlords on Dominia and a black stripe remains in the wall near the cup
- teleporter should reset if triggered off
- the turret entity shouldnt stick out into the walkable area
- should have ramps instead of the flying ladders in the ork base to allow bike driving and followbots
rs_ac_city_conflict - dont use artefacts as pure models
rs_de_landingzone - dont use artefacts as pure models
rs_ac_major - missing images: all
rs_dc_jungle - missing images: all
rs_ac_hillfort - missing images: all
rs_dc_hivecity - missing images: all
rs_ac_hazard - missing images: all
rs_de_leviathan - missing images: all



Agenda / Coding Agenda
« on: October 02, 2010, 03:03:55 PM »

DONE get the lasgun origins from the attachment
DONE check brass origins on all weapons v_model and p_model
DONE check reload anim times for eldar shuriken catapult and lasgun
DONE check the grenade idle animation timing
DONE make sniper rifle unzoom at reload
DONE make sniper rifle zoom only when deployed
DONE make sniperrifle unzoom at undeploy
DONE add grenade cooking
DONE add in the necrons
DONE add in the tau
DONE make bots show on radar
DONE add eldar grenades
DONE add guard grenades
DONE add guard grenade launcher
DONE prepare to check 3rd person shoot origins on all weapons
DONE replace the plasma bolt with a particle effect
DONE add powerfield effect to power weapons
DONE add flame effect to missiles
DONE add blue flame effect to jetpack
DONE improve muzzle-effect with additional sprites in line of the gun
WONT improve flamer particle stream
DONE add commands for whiping and restoring the player points
DONE add in the necron weapons
DONE add in the tau weapons
DONE add vehicles for necrons
DONE add vehicles for IG
DONE add vehicles for orks
DONE add vehicles for tau
DONE add in the bt_dreadnaught_lc_pf
DONE add in the cd_lemanruss_bc
DONE add in the cd_sentinel_fl
DONE add in the cd_sentinel_ml
DONE add in the gf_dreadnought_cl_rz
DONE add in the gf_warbike_kn
DONE add in the nc_tombspider_pj
DONE add in the te_battlesuit_fb_mp
DONE in the te_assaultpulserifle
DONE add in the cd_sentinel_assaultcannon
DONE add in the at_grenade
DONE add in the gf_rokkitlauncha
DONE add in the bt_thunderhammer
DONE add in content json export / import
DONE add in java robot AI support
add in the bt_dreadnaught_pf_mm
add in the te_battlesuit_ft_pc
add in the te_krootrifle
add in the te_pulserifle
add in the te_railgun
add in the cd_psyker

Agenda / Modelling Agenda
« on: October 02, 2010, 03:03:25 PM »

DONE ork grenade p_model - chromeangel
DONE muzzle flash - bahl
DONE nc_hands - bahl
DONE cd_sentinel - bahl
DONE gf_killercan - bahl
DONE nc_tombspider - bahl
DONE nc_warscythe - typheron
DONE nc_gausscannon - bahl
DONE nc_flayer - bahl
DONE nc_staff - bahl
DONE at_wraithguard - razielk
DONE gf_attackbike - chromeangel
DONE nc_scarab - chromeangel
DONE te_gundrone - olimnuz
DONE bt_stormshield - zenarion
MODEL at_wraithgun - jiggaman(base model) - eltharyon
DONE bt_thunderhammer - bahl
DONE cd_psyker - (zenarion model and skin) - bahl


DONE te_kroothands - zenarion
ANIM te_pulsecarbine - chromeangel(skin)
SKIN te_missilepod
SKIN te_hands
MODEL te_krootrifle - jiggaman
SKIN te_railgun - jiggaman
SKIN te_assaultpulserifle - jiggaman
SKIN te_pulserifle - jiggaman
SKIN te_fusionblaster - jiggaman
SKIN te_plasmacannon - jiggaman
SKIN te_flamethrower - jiggaman


SKIN cd_boltpistol
SKIN bt_plasmagun
SKIN bt_multimelta
SKIN bt_melterpistol
SKIN cd_hydralisk
SKIN te_droneguns
ANIM at_grenade idle improvement
ANIM bt_chainsword attack
ANIM at_chainsword attack
ANIM cd_chainsword attack
ANIM gf_choppa attack
ANIM cd_sniperrifle reload
ANIM cd_laspistol reload
ANIM cd_lasgun reload
ANIM bt_lascannon reload
ANIM cd_grenade idle improvement
ANIM bt_grenade idle improvement
SKIN cd_plasmagun
-bt_cyclone - finish - ?
-iw_melter - rework - ?
-cd_chimera - rework - ?
-cd_plasmacannon - rework - ?

Rival Species - News / New Alpha version for balancing
« on: September 26, 2010, 11:45:52 PM »
For now I'd just like to announce that I've finished my initial pre-alpha bug fixing and added a nice new feature: I now can address balancing issues without having to compile and debug the code! That should finally get me the solution for the load of balancing issues we have.

Additionally, I've managed to add the thunderhammer and stormshield to the game! Looks stunning and should actually be useful since I managed to add the sprinting ability to the terminator captain. Decided to add it generally (that means no matter which weapon he uses) because that's the way these kind of abilities are usually treated in my code. We'll see if that is a feasible decision during test.

And here comes the new alpha release:

I may update the second file as I move along and fix initial test stopping bugs.

I've tested the long talked about robots and found a couple of bugs that I will work on during the next days. That means the server is only sporadically up! If you want the server up for balance testing:

Join the #rspecies1 IRC channel on quakenet and tell me, I can put it up anytime.

Remember though, that you will need a testing buddy to play with (and it is not going to be me, since I'm occupied fixing the mentioned bugs).

Rival Species - News / Robots and hammers
« on: June 05, 2010, 10:45:11 AM »
I'd like can take a little look at the decline of this project at this random point in time, because it is a warm summer day in Sweden :-). I won't waste my (and your, if there still should be somebody out there reading this) time with a lot of words, but this much:

This project has been running low both on the fan and the dev side for years now. Basically it is me doing some stuff and some occasional contributions from different former team members. So in case you didn't realize that before, there are no large hops to be expected. On the other hand, we do have a new weapon (as mentioned before) and it is even decided that it'll be a Terminator weapon. That will require us to give the terminator sergeant a sprint ability (otherwise, he will never be able to charge someone with his big hammer and just be a sitting duck somewhere). On the other hand, we can give free access to the Assaultcannon (and will probably remove the powerfist from that combination for balance reasons).

This decision has against my hopes never been discussed openly, since the only comment on the news post was a reference to old times music :-). Very fitting... .

The second information concerning our decline is: Since we don't seem to have any players anymore, it has become extremely important to replace them with artificial players. So far I have finished a prototype of a linux server program that can run agents on our server (yes, we have a server, it is not online, but I could put it online any time). I'm currently making progress in porting the prototype to the windows platform (as I need that for development issues) and there is 'only' a basic socket communication left to implement.

Edit: And by some pure luckshot I managed to finish the step mentioned above :-D. So now we do have both windows and linux socket servers that work with the agent based robot system. Next step is to integrate them with the actual game server and then we basically have a new release that can support some stupid robots that run around and play pace car. My protocol shall later include control of the combat and entity interaction, but for the beginning, that will be handled by the followbot code. All the agent is gonna do, is decide for the robot where to go and which team, class, weapon to take. That should be sufficient to fill the server with loads of stupid targets to fire all kinds of weapons at and occasionally get shot in the head ;-).

Edit 2: First screenshot of an agent robot ingame :-D.

Edit 3: Yay, the agent is actually appearing correctly and even shooting at me when I'm on the opposite team!

Edit 4: He is now even aiming properly, switching weapons, using grenades and doesn't crash the server anymore when he kills me or another followbot. Additonaly, some minor bugs are fixed (score in scoreboard, recoil etc...).

Edit 5: He is even respawning correctly when dying and his stupid colleague (the followbot) is working correctly against him. Now it's really just the navigation that is missing for his first test appearance.

Edit 6: Fixed another couple of bugs concerning his movement, collision detection, menu behavior and added the feature to deliver the map name to the navigation code (important when trying to keep track of which routes were good ones).

Rival Species - News / And the hammer is coming down!
« on: March 22, 2010, 12:52:10 PM »
Some modeling progress on the old and dusty agenda! It has been ages since the last. (A little more than a year to be more correct.)

The last step has been done by Zenarion and my humble self, finishing the stormshield to make this a powerful close combat combination. Now the question is out: Who is supposed to use it and how should it work? Feel free to comment :-).

Rival Species - News / Merry new alpha 1263
« on: December 12, 2009, 08:57:49 PM »
Please drop your jaws and read that I've finally managed to find the time to fix the reported bugs in 1262... thus coming forth with 1263!

Okay, it took a bit longer to finish the last step in this, getting the package up and the server running. But here it comes:

The server should be up now.

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