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Rival Species - News / Another new alpha 1262
« on: February 21, 2009, 01:20:37 AM »
Short news for now, since it is late and my eyes are bleeding:

The server is back up as well ^^, so feel free to give it a try and report the bugs in replies to this news thread.

Rival Species - News / Happy New Alpha 1261
« on: January 01, 2009, 08:35:25 PM »
Yep, it's time for a new alpha again. I figured the first of January would be the best possible date for the release. Just like the last one, it is a public pre-release alpha. To me it already feels a lot like a beta but i know there are quite some bugs remaining. So again, join the public Tester Team, increase its numbers and get cracking at this new Alpha version:

simply download the two files, copy ".._u3_full" to Your Half-Life 1 folder and extract it with the directory structure in place. You should have a new modfolder called rspecies_test afterwards and a new entry in your steam games after a restart of steam. Afterwards, extract the patch to alpha 1261 to the same mod folder and you should be updated. While extracting, you should be asked whether to overwrite existing files. If that doesn't happen, you're probably doing it at the wrong place.

And as a little eyecandy on top, I'm showing off the latest finished vehicle weapons for the Cadian Guard: The Sentinel Auto Cannon, Multi Laser and Flamer! They've been finished by ChromeAngel and started by someone else of whom I don't have a record of the name anymore.

Rival Species - News / *cough* ho ho ho
« on: December 28, 2008, 01:10:03 PM »
Yes, I'm late and I feel like a dwarfed version of my former self when writing about this... BUT we do have news for you!

The 'new' model for the Cadian Guard spectator class borrowed from the old observer head by Illpenguin.

The new models for the Tau Spectator and Specialist classes. These are actually rather new and we still lack the full set of weapons to include a full fledged map for playing them. Jiggaman and Jove did these models ages ago and Olimnuz recently finished the skin for the tau drone.

The weapons we have for them are the following:

They are also all 'new' and dandy by Jiggaman and mostly Chromeangel. In one case I'm not 100% sure anymore though.

Plus, I'd like to draw your attention two news below! There I'm still updating a public alpha (currently at update 39) which represents the current state of development and also has a 24/7 public server. Our current beta doesn't seem to be played anymore, but you may find some testers on the public alpha server on very rare occasions in a year.

Oh and just in case you didn't notice: Yes that is a new logo :-).

Oh well, and according to the news_agenda, I should write about the following:
- kroot hands by zenarion
- kroot rifle by zenarion

General Discussion / THE MOTHER OF ALL BUGS
« on: February 23, 2008, 08:20:33 PM »

KNOWN: roundend without proper restart seems to happen timeout. then the menues get switch through really fast.

causing actions:
Bahl: u suddenly have a load of points
Razielk: from capping i think
Bahl: ya well.. the time was up
Razielk: why is it waiting for me?
Razielk: i have chosen
Bahl raziel what did u last do before the round ended?
Razielk: i got killed
Bahl: as which class?
Razielk: then changed to a termi, i had the points before the round end
Razielk: HW marine with a HB
Razielk: i was just killing al
Bahl: what class was al?
Razielk: at that time i had just taken apoint
Razielk: hmmm marine sgt

caused effects:
=][=Apo. Alhaus: clock is on minus
=][=Apo. Alhaus: my eyes is dead but i can still fly around as a normal spec
Bahl: but the flying is all weird... same here
=][=Apo. Alhaus: yeah choppy

KNOWN: gametime ran out but mapchange didnt work, so the round got stuck in the middle of nowhere

General Discussion / KNOWN BUGS
« on: December 15, 2007, 11:05:58 AM »
RELEASE: at release all view weapon models have to be recompiled.


MAP: there are dreads allowed here... (rs_ca_command)

MAP: join a test server a a regular marine or destroy, only got offered the flamer weapon set


CANT: attacks dont get animated and audible and their ammo doesnt show: dreadnaught hammer, terminator stormbolter
++ i need more info on how to reproduce it ++

CANT: missing notification message at the cap point on destroy
++ i dont have the current map source and so i cant look up which entity it is. ++

CANT: sometimes particles appear as red dots
++ no idea how to provoke this ++

General Discussion / Alpha tester applications
« on: May 19, 2007, 08:11:47 PM »
Ok, its official! RS 1.5 (RS 1 going Source) is actually going to happen! today ive built the very first alpha version for it, and i felt like doing something that i didnt do for years: open up a tester thread :-). So everybody, that wants to test alpha versions for RS1.5, apply in here! Even those, that are testers at the moment!

The next Rival Species Beta is getting into sight! Since the Tester Team has somewhat dwindled in numbers, I need You to test the new version and give feedback for its balancing and debugging!

So join the public Tester Team, increase its numbers and get cracking at this new Alpha version:

simply download the file, copy it to Your Half-Life 1 folder and extract it with the directory structure in place. You should have a new modfolder called rspecies_test afterwards and a new entry in your steam games after a restart of steam.

+++ update +++

By now we have a patch for the current alpha running on the server:

It fixes quite some bugs concerning performance. I hope with this fix, the version gains a lot in playability.

I have started a 24/7 dedicated linux server with this version, so you can fully test the multiplayer game. Have fun, and be prepared for the bugs and imbalances!

Report any of those on our new Forum:;action=collapse;c=3;sa=collapsebut

recently (actually quite some days ago) Jiggaman finished the models and skinmeshes of the Tau Battlesuit weapons! Dont let your eyes be fooled by the low polycount, it is a requirement. The model is absolutely decent and currently in the progress of being skinned by the man himself.

+++ update +++

JiggaMan has finished the skins of the first of these weapon combinations. So enjoy the little update and the new image!

On other notes, i have finished the Necron hands skin, so that we are now able to finalize the Necron weapon models. They are already in the current alpha version (complete with effect) but they lack their animations. We are now at version 1.259.

Last but not least, Zenarion has started working on a towershield for the BT terminators. That will allow us to finish the thunderhammer weapon combination for close combat terminators. he will provide a new tactical option: a rather slow moving, heavy armored 'tank' that is able to clean any strong position within his reach.

General Discussion / class and point system
« on: April 07, 2007, 08:20:04 PM »
about classes, there are some VERY ineteresting finds in

and about the point system, we got a nice suggestion over form RS2: add a cap to the personal points and deistribute whats left to the weakest of the team!

what do you think?

Well well, the current alpha is proceeding well and seems to be already quite playable!
That means, we are starting to near a new beta.

And on top of that, I have some nice new fanart for you!
This time, it is a Terminator squad breaking into a sieged city by Oliver Lee aka OlimnuZ, enjoy!

Content Discussion / melter effect
« on: January 29, 2007, 10:05:20 AM »
well lads, i need a good idea for a melter effect. i mean, we cant do heat bending like in hl2. so what to do? we have beams, particles, tracers, projectiles at hand, but how to build a melter effect with that?

General Discussion / current status
« on: January 03, 2007, 04:42:46 PM »
well lads, i guess you already wonder, why you don't hear so very much from my side.  i was working on code transformation to a more portable scheme during the last weeks and it was ... a heck a lot of work. well, today i finally saw the end of the tunnel (not just the light) so my transformation (that i was working on for months (years?)) now finally nears its end.

to any of you that know a little about HL1 code: I for example removed the event calls and instead use messages to call the event effect functions on the client. but i don't just do it 1 to 1 as this description might suggest. instead the messages are sent when the player hits the attack key (or reload) and all the rest is calculated on the client. that means, basically traffic is reduced to the input changes from the keyboards of every player and the shared values controlled by the server. all the rest is calculated on each client. each client has its own tree of shared objects that represent the players, robots and weapons and areas and artifacts (and some other little stuff). with that knowledge he can calculate the game state rather independently. to illustrate that: i for example suddenly had a huge improvement on the burst fire responsiveness.

well, the work isn't done yet and cant be finished until after my finals. but i assure you, it is on an incredibly good way. i guess i will be back around the 10th of January.

Rival Species - News / New Server, Pre-Christmas Gaming and Developement
« on: December 22, 2006, 01:10:16 PM »
Merry Christmas to ya all! And here is a not so little Pre-Christmas present for your RS gaming pleasure :-), brought to you by the Ordo Xenos! Hop over to the forum thread and congratulate them to their stunning decision to host a new RS server these days! Yep, thats right, you read correctly! We have a new server AND it is available 24/7 AND it has an opening christmas game today! Most likely in the evening of the GMT time zone. Hop over to to read more!

Apart from this great news, we also made quite some progress in the developement of the next Rival Species beta! Bahl has been hard at work incorporating the missing Vehicles for all the new species in RS (Orks, IG, Necrons and Tau) and adding their weapons. As well extensive internal reworking of the code took place and we finally have real pipelines for compiling the model content of the game. (That will some fine day lead to a high res texture pack for the RS models.)

Except from that, Jiggaman continued his work on the Tau Battle Suit Weapons and Zenarion created the Kroot hands and the Kroot Rifle. As well Meazum did quite some work on sound and animation projects and is currently working on a skin for the Tau battle suit! If he manages to finish that, we shall welcome him on the dev team :-).

Ill add some nice eye candy of the IG vehcile weapons later on, probably tomorrow.
+++ edit ++
Well, it has not exactly been tomorrow but rather the next year ;-). So here they come without further ado; the Cadian Sentinel weapons:

Rival Species - News / Status of Developement on beta 1.3 (we are at 1.246)
« on: November 12, 2006, 01:07:36 PM »
Well, i guess its due time for som news! Way over time actually... . So, herrrm, with a slight delay, i wish you Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, Happy Easter, probably also Happy Birthday and what sorts of other important dates we missed out on till now ;-). Anyhow, without any further ado: Here is the news:

We managed to test our ways through the alpha version from 1.224 to 1.246 so by now the version seems rather stable again and (which is the main goal for 1.3) it already includes the last two new species, the tau and the necrons for the final version. For now we focus on implementing the weapons for the necrons. They will show off together with the imperial guard as the final setting of the map rs_ca_platform. As a little preview, we have got two screenshots of two weaponeffects for them: the gauss flayer and the gausscannon. The gausscannon will not be available for the necron warrior in the release version.

And here we have some more screenshots. This time they show off the Staff of Light of the Necron Lord:

Well, with quite some delay, I present you the current work in progress by jiggaman :-). He is working on the tau battle suit weapon sets,  to improve their shape and build their skinmeshes. Sadly I forgot to record, who did those models, so if it was you or somebody you know, please tell me about it. These images will update, as soon as i receive new material from jiggaman :-).

And as a last but not least addition to this news post, we have some nice fanart for your enjoyment :-). This image is based (without permission) on ONE DEATHWATCH SPACE MARINE by Nicolas Charriere enhanced and colored by Ryan Marshall.

Today, we finally have a new version of WH40K : Rival Species! It feels like an early Christmas present and has a lot of changes inside. So what did we do since our last Beta 1.200?

First things first, the most important change surely is the way you can access the better classes and weapons in the new version. Unlike before, you get to choose from a small subset at the start and while you stick to the game, your set of choices grows. Only if you are successful of course. So far it might sound familiar from certain other mods, but the difference is, that your success stays with your STEAM_ID on the server that you play on! As well, your success is measured by the strength of the enemy that you encounter. A strong enemy will give quite a lot more points for your choices than a weak one.

But that is not everything we have in this new version for you. Our immense amount of content grew by another species, the Imperial Guard! Still a bit underrepresented, they call for your support to make them conquer the dark universe of Warhammer 40,000. So go, join the Imperial Forces here:

Apart from releasing the latest version if Rival Species, we would also like to draw your attention to our new project: Exterminatus - Rival Species 2. Just like the current project, this mod will be set in Games Workshops great Warhammer 40,000 universe. So Humanity is ruled by a vast, uncaring, priesthood bureaucracy on Earth in the name of the all powerful Emperor. A galaxy of insidious alien races and deviantly chaotic human forces have threatened and fought the Imperium since its earliest days. But that is where the similarities cease. Exterminatus is in development for the Source Engine and the first thing different is, that you have a say on which part of the vast Warhammer 40,000 universe we will bring to live!

To actually have your say, vote in our settings poll: and visit the new homepage at

To finally draw you in, we have some eye candy for your enjoyment:

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