Author Topic: 3 new maps for the next version  (Read 5996 times)

3 new maps for the next version
« on: August 15, 2004, 11:12:31 PM »


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<table cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0' class='contentTable1'><tr><td class='contentTd1'>Author: bahl Date: 17.08.2004 10:12:31</td></tr><tr><td class='contentTd2'>after some kind of vacation, im back with beautyful news for your! tonight i shall take the time to select a few screenshots from 3 new maps that will be included with the next public release:<br />
<br />
lets start off with landingzone by dark marine. he has been around for quite a while already and now he finally managed to enter the developement team. you mgiht remember his first and second effort city_conflict and death_valley. i really liked these maps and they played great. just some technical issues kept them from becoming official.
however, with his latest effort, the landingzone, he managed to steer around such issues and produced a true beauty. his work has been supported by blood angel, who produced the nice models that he used in his maps. enjoy some screenshots below and find more of them in the LEVELS section.<br />
<a href='../levels/levels/landingzone/rs_de_landingzone0000.jpg'><img src='../levels/levels/landingzone/nail/rs_de_landingzone0000.jpg' border='0' height='135' width='180' /></a><a href='../levels/levels/landingzone/rs_de_landingzone0014.jpg'><img src='../levels/levels/landingzone/nail/rs_de_landingzone0014.jpg' border='0' height='135' width='180' /></a>
<br />
we shall continue with the latest map by korkonius, that he called rust. you will find this name fitting when you take your first steps in his creation! after his first effor on the team which was called fringe, he produced a bigger and in my opinion more playable map. this time it is alaitoc eldar against iron warriors and apart form certain situations, where the combattants stare at the nice features of the level, it shall be a hard fight for them in the locations that you can preview below:<br />
<a href='../levels/levels/rust/rs_ca_rust0006.jpg'><img src='../levels/levels/rust/nail/rs_ca_rust0006.jpg' border='0' height='135' width='180' /></a><a href='../levels/levels/rust/rs_ca_rust0007.jpg'><img src='../levels/levels/rust/nail/rs_ca_rust0007.jpg' border='0' height='135' width='180' /></a>
<br />
so now on to the last one, a creation of my very own. ( and yeah im proud of it. ) this new map is called fortress and it is settled in a canyon, where black templars engage iron warriors who have captured an imperial surface-to-orbit cannon to avoid the destruction of their orbiting vessels. the special feature of this map is the dome under which the cannon is stored. you just have to take a peek at it below:<br />
<a href='../levels/levels/fortress/rs_ac_fortress0006.jpg'><img src='../levels/levels/fortress/nail/rs_ac_fortress0006.jpg' border='0' height='135' width='180' /></a><a href='../levels/levels/fortress/rs_ac_fortress0022.jpg'><img src='../levels/levels/fortress/nail/rs_ac_fortress0022.jpg' border='0' height='135' width='180' /></a>
<br /></td></tr></table>