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KNOWN: roundend without proper restart seems to happen timeout. then the menues get switch through really fast.

causing actions:
Bahl: u suddenly have a load of points
Razielk: from capping i think
Bahl: ya well.. the time was up
Razielk: why is it waiting for me?
Razielk: i have chosen
Bahl raziel what did u last do before the round ended?
Razielk: i got killed
Bahl: as which class?
Razielk: then changed to a termi, i had the points before the round end
Razielk: HW marine with a HB
Razielk: i was just killing al
Bahl: what class was al?
Razielk: at that time i had just taken apoint
Razielk: hmmm marine sgt

caused effects:
=][=Apo. Alhaus: clock is on minus
=][=Apo. Alhaus: my eyes is dead but i can still fly around as a normal spec
Bahl: but the flying is all weird... same here
=][=Apo. Alhaus: yeah choppy

KNOWN: gametime ran out but mapchange didnt work, so the round got stuck in the middle of nowhere

if i remember correctly, this happens to the current RS2 as well, when the level time is running up while certain circumstances are present.


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