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need help running rival species!


hello. i just downloaded and installed this mod.
i also then downloaded steam.
i installed the mod in the folder in which half life 1 was installed,
the thing is... i just cant run the game. after the installation was finished i opened steam but there is no PLAY GAME option on steam and rival species isnt anywhere on steam.
and neither is there an exe file in the folder for rival species.
id like to play this game but how?!?!?!?
also before the game was installed an alert popped up about how the installer for steam couldnt be found

just try installing rs again. could be that the first time failed because steam wasnt installed

i had the same problem,and still have,the message tha appear is this:

Unable to find STEAM instaltion directory.

I downloaded an instaled STEAM,I created an account,installed half life,played half life for hours,and it still appear.

that is really weird... i cant really help with it right now, but maybe our installer is broken by the new version of steam. I'd recommend to use a zipped package instead. while that usually is a bit more complicated it usually also just works ;-).


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