Author Topic: experimental mappack v2  (Read 3291 times)

experimental mappack v2
« on: November 08, 2004, 07:59:23 AM »


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10.11.2004 06:59:23
These days, the 1st-Catachan clan released an experimental map package. it includes new versions of landingzone, city_conflict, deathvalley, gigant and rust. but it also includes entirely new maps like hivecity, centurion and landraider from community and team authors: dark marine, cyberman, korkonius, nic2, zamme and lord of chaos. bear in mind, this mappack is experimental. it gets played on the 1stcatachan server all wednesday and it will contain some bugs.<br />  <a href=  ></a><br />hosted by <a href=  ></a><br />  <a href=  ></a><br />hosted by <a href=  ></a><br />  <br />  if youve got any troubles with this download, try a local mirror:  <a href=  ></a>