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ho ho ho
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05.01.2005 01:00:06
yeah, i know im late with this :P. but i wont apologize for it. so just imagine that its still late december and you expect a nice orky santa to come down your chimney and light up the fire hehe. and he will do that with his brand new sparkling.. err rusty burna   . chromeangel just recently finished modelling and skinning this hot new weapon for the orks. <br />  by this you can see, we are already producing for the next version after the upcoming release.. UPCOMING RELEASE? yap. you read correctly! <br />  just today the current alpha finally passed the mapcycle test! that means it is stable enough for a release! i will talk about the new features and content  in the newsletter that announces the release.  just a little hint here: waaaaaagh   . well before your get mad by anticipation, ill hand the screenshot of the new burna for your distraction  o).<br />  [nail]models/gf/wargear/nail/gf_burna_01.jpg[/nail]<br />  <br />  and no... that is by FAR not everything that we have in store for you! as said, we are already pushing forward towards the next version and today is also the day to show of the progress for the imperial guard! jove finished some damn nice guardsmen, who desperately search their virtual costumes   . enjoy the skinmeshed models below:<br />  [nail]models/cd/warriors/nail/cd_trooper_01.jpg[/nail][nail]models/cd/warriors/nail/cd_trooper_01x.jpg[/nail]<br />  aaaand on with the imperial goodness! we wont stop this so soon... . colonel straken from the 1st-catcachan clan has finished the model of the basilisk! that is a fearsome piece of artillery. we are have not yet decided on how to bring this vehicle into the game, but when it comes, be sure it will cause utter destruction! <br />  [nail]models/cd/vehicles/nail/cd_basilisk_01.jpg[/nail]<br />  which species will the cadian guard kill first with that evil weaponry? well, chances are, that their first encounter will be the vile necrons! and guess which character model range has just been finished... . yep! correctly.... chromeangel has been slaving away on the player-mdoels for this species and i ahve to say, he did a great job. his latest addition is the necron lord who .. no THAT will lead his fellow combat-robots into battle. take a close look at him below... take a look into the face of your nemisis.<br />  you will see a second necron model below: the flayed one. that is a conversion of the original necron warrior by bloodyharry. he has transformed the common fighter-class into something wicked: a horrifying monster with bits and parts of human skin and flesh all over his body and a pair of razorsharp, long and bloody claws. these afst attack troops will bring terror to their enemies.<br />  [nail]models/nc/warriors/nail/nc_lord_01.jpg[/nail][nail]models/nc/warriors/nail/nc_flayed_01.jpg[/nail]