Author Topic: new maps for the new version  (Read 2899 times)

new maps for the new version
« on: January 14, 2005, 12:35:00 PM »


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17.01.2005 11:35:00
during this weekend, we fixed a few ( hopefully last ) bugs and now the current alpha version is off for the linux compile! that means, the upcoming release is very likely only a few days away! you might experience a server shutdown on 1st catachan and a new version being played there without you being able to join.  that will be our last testing phase, when we verify the linux version. <br />  <br />  so what will you see in the new version? among all the new stuff that i will talk about when the release is done, you will see three ( officially ) new maps!<br />  <br />   the first to show off today is blackhawk by chromeangel. his latest great deed is the first map that features the orks! they defend their fortress against stranded black templars. the goal of them is to destroy the big cannon in the fortress.<br />  [nail]levels/levels/blackhawk/nail/rs_de_blackhawk60000.jpg[/nail]  [nail]levels/levels/blackhawk/nail/rs_de_blackhawk60001.jpg[/nail]  [nail]levels/levels/blackhawk/nail/rs_de_blackhawk60002.jpg[/nail]  <br />  the second one is centurion by zamme. this truely evil map is kind of a remake of kallastin. you wont find too many similarities though. it features a battle between the iron warriors and the world eaters on one of the lost planets in the warp. the chaos gods always hunger for souls and they dont care if they take them from their rivals or from the real world. the goal of this map is to get hold on all of the critical areas on the map.<br />  [nail]levels/levels/centurion/nail/rs_ac_centurion0007.jpg[/nail]  [nail]levels/levels/centurion/nail/rs_ac_centurion0002.jpg[/nail]  [nail]levels/levels/centurion/nail/rs_ac_centurion0001.jpg[/nail]  <br />  and last, but certainly not least is city_conflict by dark marine! you will remember this map, if you played the custom mappack from a year ago! an early version of this map was included. now he took the design to a new level. it is bigger, technically better ( lower rspeeds ) and features all current species in an allied war! you fight  to control areas, and whichever allied forces take hold of them all will win the battle. black templars and alaitoc eldar are allied against world eaters and iron warriors. <br />  [nail]levels/levels/city_conflict/nail/rs_ac_city_conflict0006.jpg[/nail]  [nail]levels/levels/city_conflict/nail/rs_ac_city_conflict0000.jpg[/nail]  [nail]levels/levels/city_conflict/nail/rs_ac_city_conflict0007.jpg[/nail]  <br />