Author Topic: release of version 1.2  (Read 2997 times)

release of version 1.2
« on: January 18, 2005, 07:30:21 AM »


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21.01.2005 06:30:21
It is about time to release a new version of Rival Species!  Our intended release date before the New Year slipped through our fingers. But today, after seemingly endless bug hunting,  we finally made it!<br />  <br />  You surely want to know what exactly we made. So without further ado, I shall go ahead right away with the list of new things in this version:<br />  <br />  Apart from hunting new bugs, we also fixed some old ones:<br />  -fixed that the bots laserguns have red beams<br />  -fixed the messed up bodyqueue<br />  -fixed that vehicles fall into too small areas<br />  -fixed that vehicles dont block doors<br />  -checked the weapon origins of missile weapons<br />  -stopped deploying on weaponswitch<br />  -stopped switch during grenade pullout<br />  -fixed that the player eldar laser tracers are red<br />  -fixed that there are no corpses for dead players<br />  <br />  While it is always nice, to get rid of an annoying bug, we still  more importantly added heaps of new stuff:<br />  -make energy and stamina recharge very slowly during running<br />  -added distinct class health<br />  -made the cheapest melee and the cheapest ranged weapon auto applied if they arent selected<br />  -added spawnpoint information to the scoreboard<br />  -added class member counts to the class menu<br />  -added team member counts to the team menu<br />  -added a special melee damage type<br />  -added radar functionality<br />  -added area control, capture location and artefact sprites to the radar<br />  -allowed the mapper to place a map sprite for the radar<br />  -added a progress bar for the areas<br />  -added a firemode display<br />  -added a respawns display<br />  -added an armor display<br />  -made the radar a drop down part<br />  -added an allied team property for the mission modifier<br />  -built a set of class-specific white shoulderpads<br />  -compiled and include the first ork weapons<br />  -compiled and include the world eater demonsword<br />  -compiled and include the world eater plasmapistol and demonaxe<br />  -did new class bloodletter for WE<br />  -added regeneration on damage for bloodletters<br />  -added in the orkish horde<br />  -gave vehicles seperate health<br />  -includeed the new stikkbomb<br />  -let the player takeover the followbot after death<br />  <br />  And to round this up, I shall list our changes to the gameplay:<br />  -removed freeze from grenades<br />  -removed the weapon switch from freeze<br />  -moved the bikers to the driver class<br />  -made farseer healing an area effect<br />  -made flag taking over an area effect<br />  -disabled friendly fire in close combat<br />  -made close combat slow down running away<br />  -made close combat undeploy weapons<br />  -made close combat cause double spread to weapons<br />  -created fitting sprites for the firemode<br />  -added client variables to disable autoreload, automelee and the upper hud<br />  -slowed deployed movement<br />  -hidden enemy lives display<br />  <br />  So this is the list of all the small and big changes and additions to the game. But where to get it? Right here:<br />  <br />  If you did already have the old version,<br />  then you can download the patch for it from one of the listed locations:<br />  <br /> <a href=""></a><br />provided by <a href=""></a><br />   <a href=  ></a><br />  provided by <a href=  ></a><br />    <a href=  ></a><br />  provided by <a href=  ></a><br />    <a href=  ></a><br />  provided by <a href=  ></a><br />  <br />  Otherwise, you can also get the full version:<br />  <a href=""></a><br />provided by <a href=""></a><br />  <a href=  ></a><br />  provided by <a href=  ></a><br />    <a href=  ></a><br />  provided by <a href=  ></a><br />    <a href=  ></a><br />  provided by <a href=  ></a><br />  <br />  And should you want to host a linux server, then you will need this file:<br /> <a href=""></a><br />provided by <a href=""></a><br /> <a href=  ></a><br />  provided by <a href=  ></a><br />  <br />  So what is left to say? Go ahead, download, install and join the fray :D. WAAAAAGH! ( orkish battle scream ).