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Installation Issue


Hi, first off, love the idea behind the mod.

I have downloaded the latest alpha and patch, put it into the steamapps/<name>/halflife folder, however even though I have done repeated restarts of Steam and even my computer, the mod fails to show in my games list on steam.

Here's a screenshot to show the folder as being in the directory.

 Any ideas?

Hey, thanx for your interest :-). The installation location is correct. On the image I can see minidump files. (They are at the lower end of the image.) You could send me one of those zipped up to my email (find it on the team page). I assume a corrupted download though... . Can anybody else confirm a successful install?

I had a look just now for those files and the minidumps have disapeared as well. Should I just try redownloading the alpha and reinstall?

Edit: Nevermind. I just had a go at reinstalling and it installed fine this time. Now to try get a game sometime.

Great :-). Well, now you can see the real problem with this mod ;-).


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