Author Topic: progress update and new animator  (Read 3036 times)

progress update and new animator
« on: January 25, 2005, 06:35:43 AM »


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28.01.2005 05:35:43
Two days ago, we finally got rid of our lack of an animator :D.  Welcome NoLogo aboard! He is already very productive and has   reanimated   the ork-shoota and newly animated the ork burna. So thanks to his good work, you will be able to see chromeangels great deed in the next patch!<br />  Apart from that, Ninjaboy has finished a full fledged Dark Angels model package to replace the Black Templars! You can grab it here: <br /><a href=  ></a><br />  And if you ever wandered, how to effectively use the classes and weapons of Rival Species, i have a little gimmik for you here: Freeway has written up the first piece of his   strategy-guide   series on the forum! The first issue takes an in-depth view on the Black Templars. You can find it on the main discussion board or enjoy it alongside the renders and screenshots of the Black Templars on our models page!<br />  Well and I have produced a little update for the linux server. Didnt like it as crashy as it was directly after the release  ). I still rely on your reports to fix minor crashes, that might occurr on seldom ocossions!<br />  You can grab the new server file here, if you are a linux-admin:<br /><a href=  ></a><br />And now to something really neat :). If you are a long-time fan, then you probably remember a map named deathvalley by dark marine. it was a wee bit experimental and stretched hl1 beyond its bounds. now he is working on a new version that works very well within these bounds and additionally features orks! we plan to release mroe ork maps with the next patch, but this one shall be enough for today, to keep you distracted  ). Enjoy!<br />  [nail]levels/levels/deathvalley/nail/rs_ca_deathvalley0006.jpg[/nail]  [nail]levels/levels/deathvalley/nail/rs_ca_deathvalley0003.jpg[/nail]  [nail]levels/levels/deathvalley/nail/rs_ca_deathvalley0005.jpg[/nail]