Author Topic: habby easter to ya all  (Read 3415 times)

habby easter to ya all
« on: March 25, 2005, 08:29:37 AM »


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26.03.2005 07:29:37
Have a nice Easter-Weekend, collect some egss for the team too and generally enjoy yourself  :-D. And in case you dont celebrate it, just have a nice weekend  -).<br />  Oh, and dont forget to feed the lil fluffy bunny to the left, or he might come after you to... collect some eggs for his basket :P.<br />  Ooops, i have the impression he already looks quite hungry! I better hurry up with this, hehe. On a side note, the code-developement for the next version is going very well! You can have a look at what was achieved on the agenda ( down on the left side ). We will soon test the very first implementation of the imperial guard.