Author Topic: Gimme moar food!!!  (Read 11356 times)

Gimme moar food!!!
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It took only a few days to achieve a fix for the first issue mentioned i the foregoing news post. And I intend to use these news as somewhat of a blog as long as I have only very few 'readers' (and little to show off). So here comes an update that obviously fixes the textures.. and adds a new problem :-).

As you can see, texture drawing quality will be higher than in HL1 and I will be able to use increased resolutions wherever the original resources are avialable. As you can also see, I still have new issues with
  • Textures turned upside down and all around
  • Different texture scales

But it is still an enjoyable progress! And for reference purposes I'm throwing in a screenshot of the same view with the good old HalfLife engine:

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