Author Topic: yet another bullet bites the dust and a site revamp  (Read 15320 times)

yet another bullet bites the dust and a site revamp
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The site revamp is not completely done yet (the forum theme still shows a lot of Call of Duty stuff) but I managed to make it consistent with the web page :-).

On other news, the level rendering is coming along and now includes rendermodes, yay! Now what should I choose next... ligts or sky? Anyways, here comes some eyecandy (I'm sticking to the established pattern of showing the original besides the current state in JMonkey):


As you may have realized, I've switched on the lights and updated the screenshot above with a more recent version of my efforts! By this time around, the list of open issues has been reduced and the current state is as follows:

  • The textures are only the color of their first pixel [DONE]
  • The view distance is too short [DONE]
  • There is no skybox[DONE]
  • There are no lights[DONE]
  • There are no transparency effects[DONE]
  • There are no map models
  • Textures turned upside down and all around [DONE]
  • Different texture scales [DONE]

There were some major issues with the lighting so that I couldn't really complete the step. JMonkey currently rerenders the complete scene for each light. Which means with the current amount of lights on Fortress that it will play at roughly one frame in ten seconds. They will of course fix that but I'll have to wait for that before I can progress with rendering. In the meantime, you can support the case! If you have a google account, then I urgently suggest you take a look at this list: and click a star on issue number 510. I've already posted mine, but some more attention might help ;-).

So what is next? There is one step remaining in the list above and that is actually a whole new chapter: Loading models! I may turn silent again for a while until I answered the main questions concerning that and resolved the basic functionality. In the meantime, I'll try and improve the website and hopefully free us from the plague of spambots so that I can let you loose on the forum again. Until then, you can still comment on each news post ;-).
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