Author Topic: Finally the list of static features is done  (Read 19672 times)

Finally the list of static features is done
« on: November 25, 2012, 06:05:16 PM »


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It may still be quite rough around the edges, but the map models are being loaded and... we even have a bolter! You don't believe me? See for yourself :-).

This means the following list for the models is done:
  • It is not animate[DONE]
  • It has badly mixed up texture coordinates[DONE]
  • It is not world oriented[DONE]
  • It is way too dark[DONE]
  • It has no bolter![DONE]

And this older one for the maps as well:
  • The textures are only the color of their first pixel [DONE]
  • The view distance is too short [DONE]
  • There is no skybox[DONE]
  • There are no lights[DONE]
  • There are no transparency effects[DONE]
  • There are no map models[DONE]
  • Textures turned upside down and all around [DONE]
  • Different texture scales [DONE]

So it is time for a new list! We are getting to the exciting part of the story, the dynamic parts, the game itself! So far the gamecode has been running around in the background like a headless chicken, but now it is time to let it show it's face. Since it is all about things that happen, change or can be clicked and done, I think I'll start using short movies for the progress description.
  • Things need to move! With physics!
  • We want to see what's up, a menu and a hud!
  • When can I shoot the bolter? Effects!

I'm looking forward to this :-).