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First iteration finished
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Hello again, I just wanted to let you know that the first iteration of RivalSpecies on Java has been finished! This week, I was finally able to get the physics into the game so that every major part of the game is somewhat covered. Now bear in mind that this is a first iteration so it has a lot of issues to deal with:

- Models: They currently lack animation even though the animation data is provided and the physics triggers can be added
- Maps: The texture resolution is pretty wonky and needs to be equalized even in the old HL1 sources
- Physics: That part is extremely basic and I currently have a loads of overlapping areas that mess up the collision
- Netcode: I got carried away by some presentation on JFocus in Stockholm and used akka. That framework is not fit for this purpose though, so I'll try switching to Kryonet
- UI: The current implementation inherited the original screen size and I'll need to flex the structure a bit

On other good news: I think I finally found a good way of dealing with spambots, yay. Now I just need to adjust it a bit and we are ready to reopen the forums.
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