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The hud is placed out


The Head Up Display is shaping up! Last time I've finished the hud in it's old form and this time it is placed out to the extents of the screen. Additionally you can see the physics box of the player in sort of debug mode and you can move around with it quite nicely. With that, the current list is three points down from four:

* [DONE] Things need to move! With physics!
* [DONE] We want to point and click on a menu!
* [DONE] We want to see what's up on a hud!
* When can I shoot the bolter? Effects!

Speaking of the bolter: While doing the hud shape, I had to realize that the current level loading doesn't include the gameplay properties of the map entities and that prevents you from having the right to have a bolter! So what you see now is just a tiny model of it that I loaded for the purpose of testing model loading and resources like textures and texts.

So what I have to do now is improving the level loading so that we actually have the gameplay entities!

uh you got GIMP in your screenshot  :P

Oh so much HUD.  What's the frame rate like these days?

What the framerate is like? ... ummm ... wellll.... it's hidden by the HUD :-P ... for a reason. But honestly, the HUD is not the reason... really, no joke! And yeah? it's the gimp, he wants to stare at you :-).


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