Author Topic: And there we climb to the next branch  (Read 8554 times)

And there we climb to the next branch
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I seem to have come into a nice habit of getting things done these days :-). So here comes an update on the scenic content conversion with a screenshot for comparison. From all the issues collected before, I managed to finish the following:

  • The textures are only the color of their first pixel [DONE]
  • The view distance is too short [DONE]
  • There is no skybox
  • There are no lights
  • There are no transparency effects
  • There are no map models
  • Textures turned upside down and all around [DONE]
  • Different texture scales [DONE]
So in summary, basic map content conversion seems to work now and the next step will be adding the bells and whistles! And now the stage is open for the screenshots:

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