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Finally a skeleton


This place seems to have become my blog of RivalSpecies JMonkey conversion experience. Speaking of which I can report a success that I had to chew quite a bit before achieving it. But finally I can present a correctly converted Milkshape3D model properly adorned with it's skeleton! That may seem minor to you, but it is the most important step for importing the animations. I'm quite happy about it because it did cost me many attempts to find out why the model looked more like a Chaos Spawn than a Space Marine as soon as I attached it's geometries to an unsuspecting skeleton. But anyways, without further ado, the final result with extensive debugging draw over for all kinds of entities and skeletons:

Oh Progress.  What are all the yellow boxes?

Hi Chrome :-). Those yellow boxes are spawn locations for players. The larger boxes are the entities for the flags. It is even possible to use them and have the gameplay of the round progress through to actually winning the round!


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