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Dancing skeletons

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Hello again, and please welcome the all enticing, magnificent, dancing skeletons! In fact, after a well deserved summer break, I managed to put the success of last news to use and import the first animations! You can see the result below, the player now holds the bolter in animated fashion. There was an intermediate step of development one week ago, where I already imported the animations but they were not actually moving the meshes, so it looked much like dancing skeletons ^^.

Anyways, what you can see still has loads of debugging draw over and you may also notice that the marines arm actually flies up as if he wanted to save his eyes from the harsh radiation on an alien planet. He has a helmet for that purpose though, so this is just a little issue in skeleton importing where negative rotations are not treated correctly. That will be fixed soon, but more importantly, I will at the same time finish my second iteration (0.2) of all game parts with looking at the netcode again and checking if it's possible to actually play with two players.

I finished ma 0.2 iteration of the game code and was able to fix the initialization of the connected client and start a sort of proper round for both players where they could see each other parts of their movement. I wouldn't call it playable yet, so that will have to wait for 0.3, but this has clearly been a step forward :-).

Is there anyone still alive here? This looks rather promising. Are you still able to host servers and have other people join them on steam? Thinking of doing that.

So, me and a friend tried to play this together. Big issue. The Server never responds. We can host but we can't join games.

Interesting to see that someone still passes by some time... . All people wandered off to 40ksource.com and I just kept this one going as my little pet project with the hope to finally transition to Java development. That would've given me a real boost in interest of investing more time.

And I did get there eventually... but in the end too late for it to have much of a meaning anymore.


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