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Coding Agenda
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DONE get the lasgun origins from the attachment
DONE check brass origins on all weapons v_model and p_model
DONE check reload anim times for eldar shuriken catapult and lasgun
DONE check the grenade idle animation timing
DONE make sniper rifle unzoom at reload
DONE make sniper rifle zoom only when deployed
DONE make sniperrifle unzoom at undeploy
DONE add grenade cooking
DONE add in the necrons
DONE add in the tau
DONE make bots show on radar
DONE add eldar grenades
DONE add guard grenades
DONE add guard grenade launcher
DONE prepare to check 3rd person shoot origins on all weapons
DONE replace the plasma bolt with a particle effect
DONE add powerfield effect to power weapons
DONE add flame effect to missiles
DONE add blue flame effect to jetpack
DONE improve muzzle-effect with additional sprites in line of the gun
WONT improve flamer particle stream
DONE add commands for whiping and restoring the player points
DONE add in the necron weapons
DONE add in the tau weapons
DONE add vehicles for necrons
DONE add vehicles for IG
DONE add vehicles for orks
DONE add vehicles for tau
DONE add in the bt_dreadnaught_lc_pf
DONE add in the cd_lemanruss_bc
DONE add in the cd_sentinel_fl
DONE add in the cd_sentinel_ml
DONE add in the gf_dreadnought_cl_rz
DONE add in the gf_warbike_kn
DONE add in the nc_tombspider_pj
DONE add in the te_battlesuit_fb_mp
DONE in the te_assaultpulserifle
DONE add in the cd_sentinel_assaultcannon
DONE add in the at_grenade
DONE add in the gf_rokkitlauncha
DONE add in the bt_thunderhammer
DONE add in content json export / import
DONE add in java robot AI support
add in the bt_dreadnaught_pf_mm
add in the te_battlesuit_ft_pc
add in the te_krootrifle
add in the te_pulserifle
add in the te_railgun
add in the cd_psyker
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