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hey i just downloaded this mod had a couple of problem couldnt get on the server that you have because it said my map differs tried it with and without the patch and seemed not to make a difference so any help there would be great the only other thing is that no one seems to play it, i opened my own game a ran around for a bit a thought it was great would really like to see this mod take off as i can imagine with other people playing on it, it would be great.

well done to the people who made it just hope i can get a game or two on it


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Newjack here as well. I was thinking about how great a WH40k half-life mod would be (I'm a Dawn of War nut) so I googled it and found this!

I was sad to see that there were no servers up last night when I tried to play. So I started up my own little server to have a look at the maps and races as well - disappointed that I couldn't find the Orks, though - and the game looks half decent. I'd love to help you guys move this project along though I can't say I've much time to spare. But if you need a little play testing done, let me know what time you boys do it. I'd also be glad to throw in some suggestions as well if you'll have them.

edit I actually read the front page today and downloaded the Alpha client and found the server. Now we just need some folks to play!
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welcome aboard you two :-). well, the version that is downloadable from the frontpage should also be playable on the only 24/7 server. at least it was the last time i checked. please dont forget to properly install the patch.