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i want to know if the game comes with bots to play offline  ???

well... while it has some kind of robot that can also spawn during offline time, I'd still answer with 'no'.
I's more of a robot, that follows you around like a pet.

absolutely :-). oh and btw, we might still add full robots at a later time. elth and me are thinking of some cool interface to do that externally! on behalf of progress, ive just managed to finish creating my (invisible) addition to the menu system. now its time to debug it! what does it do? it makes the menues data driven! whats cool about that? only a programmer will understand, but it is cleaner, more easily portable and allows for easy content addition.

and how can I use these robots to play offline?

for now you need at least one other player at home. then both of you can pick specific classes (usually the weakest classes of the weaker species) which can spawn these followbots. then you can hit the specialmove / special ability key to spawn them and they will show up behind you as soon as you move from your current position. then they will follow around and shoot at your enemies. you can make them stay somewhere and 'guard' the place and you can spawn new ones to replace the old one as long as you have enough points left. as well you can choose to take over your old followbot if you die yourself and he is still alive.


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