Chapter 3 - Regroup
Gruznek Fleshflayer sighed as he lounged in the throne, recently made from the desiccated hull of some large beast. Grimfang had failed in his task, it was not the easiest of objectives to overrun, but he thought that the ex-warboss could handle it. Gruznek's felt eyes watching him, and turned to his faithful shaman, Uzbek Goldeneyez.
"Worriz it?" demanded the warboss.
"Da eyez ov Uzbek be seeing youz in trubble sir"
"I relly don' ave time foor dis stoopid talkin', Uzbek, get too da point"
"Iz sorry, sir, but youz seemz wurried, enyfink Uzbek can do?"
"I dunno Uzbek? Can youz make un armee apeer?"
"I can trii, sir, but Uzbek finks he iz not good enuff"
"Urgh, I s'pose I betta go see wot to doo" Gruznek grunted, and lifted himself off the throne, and went to assess the casualties.
Vanesh Bonesaw could see the warboss coming over to him, and quickly dried his bloodstained hands on his leather apron.
"Wot 'ave we got left?" Asked Gruznek.
"Free 'ole groups of boyz, sum tankbustas, an' plen'y uv yoofs"
"Righ', patch dem injured onez good az yoo can, and we can chuk da cowardz wot woz runnin away at dem damm 'umies while we send word to da space 'ulk"
"Righ'char boss" Simpered the Ork 'medic
Suddenly a stream of tracers whipped around the camp, kicking up dust and turning Vanesh's head to jelly.
"Were unda attak, get dem soddin' pinkskins!" Bellowed Gruznek, while drawing his heavy slugger.
With an terrifying roar 10 red shapes rushed the Ork camp, killing as they advanced.
"It dem bloody Space Mareens, kill dem!"
One of the space marines stopped, went down on one knee, and fired off his rocket launcher at the nearest buggy, where 3 Orks were just waking up from the commotion and gunfire, the resulting explosion giving the area an errie red glow.
Gruznek let rip with his heavy slugger, firing round after round at the moving death, the constant 'thump thump thump' of the gun reverberating round his body. The warboss screamed obcenties and warcries at the top of his lungs, his face blackened by gunpowder from the spent shell casings. As his slugger ran dry, he chucked it at the oncoming marines, and ran to his radio operator.
"Get dat damm 'ulk over 'ere, we need 'elp" he commanded.
"Sorrie sir, I iz gettin no signel fromm da ship, its......"
Gruznek was too busy watching the Blood Angels ripping his yoofs apart to see the radio operatorís head disintegrate, and he only noticed when he was splattered with bits of Ork.
"Get bak! get to da open plaines! Itz are onlee 'ope!"

The Blood Angels crept round the outskirt of the Ork camp, using techniquies honed to perfection during their long trips between solar systems. No sound was made, and even the captain had trouble hearing their footsteps, he smiled a cold smile, the Orks wont know what hit them.
As they crested the last hill they would attack from, Darius saw what looked to be the new Ork leader, walking over to another ork with blood all over his meaty palms, so he ordered hid battle breathren down until he could see what was happening.
When he judged that the time was right, he let out a might warcry, and was proud the hear the rest of the squad joining him.
"To battle, fellow space marines! Lets wipe this scum off the plant!"
As he charged in, squad in tow, he fired at the warboss, missing him but successfully blowing the head of the bloodstained Ork, he also saw at truck nearby, and opened his squads comm link frequency.
"Brother Marlos, blow that wartrukk"
An affirmative came back as a response, and the space marine went down to one knee, and shouldered his rocket launcher, pointed it at the truck, and pulled the trigger. The rocket whooshed off with an almighty roar, vaporising both the truck, and the rather groggy looking orks inside it, and giving the setting sun a little competition.
As the orks retreated into the plains, the Blood Angels slowed, then stopped. Captain Darius clicked on his comm link, and spoke into it.
"Commissar Dravel. The rats are fleeing the nest. Over"
"Thank you Captain, we can take it from here, Dravel out" came the reply.

copyright by farsight 19.07.2002