xx two players on the score

February 23, 2014, 08:41:07 pm by Bahl
Hello again, it is time for another screenshot! What you can see this time, is a basic scoreboard (very basic, admittedly) and for the first time, two players on the map:

I've also sorted out the spawn point selection so that players spawn at the correct location. So while I sorted out the basic network communication, there is still quite some things left to do, most visible is that the animations are not played. So that's likely going to be my next main task.
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xx The menus and basic gameplay works

January 25, 2014, 05:13:00 pm by Bahl
Hello, it is about time for another screen shot.

What you can see is that the menus now work. I've decided to stick to one size fits all so that they cover the same space no matter how large the screen is. That is at the lowest resolution 640/480 and currently lets some strings overlap but that is a minor issue for later.

Additionally you can see that the player and weapon model is displayed and the hud contains the corresponding information. That is also true for the control areas. So as of now it is possible to actually fullfill a winning condition for the gameplay and thus go through several rounds of basic game play.

There is still a lot of stuff missing as stated in earlier news. But I think my next focus will be to be able to connect to the game with a second client. For reasons of the Open GL rendering engine that means I'll have to connect headless, just by console, but I hope it'll be easy to implement a simple console client that allows basic menu interaction and spatial navigation.
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xx Happy New Year 2014!

December 31, 2013, 10:18:32 pm by Bahl
Last time, I had to realize that the level loading doesn't include the gameplay properties of the map entities. That is fixed now (for the most part) so you do have the right to have a bolter! You still see a tiny model of it because it takes a little more to actually implement dynamic loading ... plus it is New Year so I wanted to post anyways :-P.

In other news, I've fixed the new HUD, specifically the radar bit. So here is a new picture which also shows a few other improvements for the interested viewer. Happy New Year!

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xx The hud is placed out

October 12, 2013, 09:29:36 am by Bahl
The Head Up Display is shaping up! Last time I've finished the hud in it's old form and this time it is placed out to the extents of the screen. Additionally you can see the physics box of the player in sort of debug mode and you can move around with it quite nicely. With that, the current list is three points down from four:
  • [DONE] Things need to move! With physics!
  • [DONE] We want to point and click on a menu!
  • [DONE] We want to see what's up on a hud!
  • When can I shoot the bolter? Effects!

Speaking of the bolter: While doing the hud shape, I had to realize that the current level loading doesn't include the gameplay properties of the map entities and that prevents you from having the right to have a bolter! So what you see now is just a tiny model of it that I loaded for the purpose of testing model loading and resources like textures and texts.

So what I have to do now is improving the level loading so that we actually have the gameplay entities!
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xx First iteration finished

April 28, 2013, 09:48:41 am by Bahl
Hello again, I just wanted to let you know that the first iteration of RivalSpecies on Java has been finished! This week, I was finally able to get the physics into the game so that every major part of the game is somewhat covered. Now bear in mind that this is a first iteration so it has a lot of issues to deal with:

- Models: They currently lack animation even though the animation data is provided and the physics triggers can be added
- Maps: The texture resolution is pretty wonky and needs to be equalized even in the old HL1 sources
- Physics: That part is extremely basic and I currently have a loads of overlapping areas that mess up the collision
- Netcode: I got carried away by some presentation on JFocus in Stockholm and used akka. That framework is not fit for this purpose though, so I'll try switching to Kryonet
- UI: The current implementation inherited the original screen size and I'll need to flex the structure a bit

On other good news: I think I finally found a good way of dealing with spambots, yay. Now I just need to adjust it a bit and we are ready to reopen the forums.
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