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Rival Species (RS) is a Half-Life (HL) modification that takes place in the Warhammer 40,000 (WH40K) gaming universe as created by Games Workshop (GW).

Warhammer 40,000 places you in the grim darkness of the far future of the 41st Millennium, where the Imperium of Man is besieged on all sides by rebels, aliens, and daemons from the chaotic alternate dimension of the Warp.

Ten thousand years ago, the Emperor Of Mankind set out from Earth on the Great Crusade. Under the banner of the Imperium, his warriors cut great swathes through the galaxy. Today, the Imperium's future is on a knife edge, suffering a constant threat from enemies both within and without. War rages on battlefields across innumerable worlds, where anything from a well placed nuclear strike to a massive conflict involving gigantic war machines and millions of soldiers to a small but intense skirmish can decide the fate of a planet.

In the current version of Rival Species you can play as a superhuman Space Marine, a Warp-influenced Chaos Space Marine, a brutal, battle hardened, Ork warrior or a member of the ancient alien race, the Eldar, in such a skirmish. Humanity's triumph or downfall is in your hands.



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Q: Why can't I shoot the person who just hit me with an axe?

A: When you get hit by another player with a close combat (CC) weapon you will be "CC frozen", which means that you will move slower and may only attack the player back with your own CC weapon, such as a knife or an axe. You need to switch weapon fast!

Q: Why can't I spawn?

A: A player only has a limited number of spawns per round. When these are used up you will become a spectator and will have to wait for the current round to end before respawning. If you've joined partially through a round, you'll have to wait for the start of a new round before you can spawn.

 Q: Why can't I jump/duck/climb/run very fast?

 A: Because of their heavy armour or weaponry, Dreadnoughts, Wraithlords, Devastators, Havocs and Dark Reapers all have restricted movement to some degree.

Q: How do I get on/off the bike?

A: To get off a bike use the JUMP key (default is the spacebar). To get back on simply walk up to the bike and push the USE key (default f). You will only be able to get on YOUR bike, and no one else's!

Q: How can I enter the vehicle?

A: Some maps contain scenic models such as Thunderhawk gunships and Rhino APCs. Currently these are not included as functioning vehicles in the mod, but serve to enhance the feel of the maps. You can't enter Dreadnoughts because someone is already in there!

Q: I can't get all the classes/weapons on this map.

A: No, you can't. Mappers limit classes and weapons to suit the design and feel of their map, and further the gameplay.

Q: The Space Marines look too much like the Chaos Space Marines. I keep shooting the wrong team.

A: The Space Marines are black and the Chaos Marines are either silver or red! At far distances they might look fairly similar, but how many real soldiers deliberately wear bright distinguishing clothing? May the Emperor guide your bullets truly!

Q: How come the Eldar move so fast?

A: They're Eldar. They move fast. Next!

Q: Can I play in third person?

A: Well, the mod isn't designed for it, but by typing the "thirdperson" command in console, you can view yourself in third person in any HL game.

Q: What's console?

A: You can bring console up by using the key in the top left of your keyboard, underneath the "escape" key. If you want to learn about console try searching on Google or asking for help in the mod's IRC channel (#wh40k).

Q: When will the next update to the mod be?

A: As soon as possible! That might take some time though, since the RS does include a mass of related content with each update.

Q: Where are the Tau/Necrons/Tyranids/Squats/Nocturnal Warriors of Hrud?

A: The 40k universe is a huge place! Eventually, Rival Species will expand to include as many races and weapons as possible.

Q: What are Tau/Tyranids/Squats/Nocturnal Warriors of Hrud?

A: Visit www.gamesworkshop.com and read about Warhammer 40,000!


Q: Will there be a Rival Species for Half-Life 2 / Source

A: Yes! Provided a better game engine doesn't turn up in the mean time, we have a few more things we want to do with Half-Life.

Q: I've got a question that isn't answered here.

A: Please visit the RS forum, or the quakenet IRC channel (#wh40k).

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