WH40K:Rival Species


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Rival Species HUD

In order to simulate the warzones of the 41st millenium Rival Species incorperates a great many features which need to present information to you, this is done through the heads up display or HUD for short.  Here is a picture to illustrate a typical HUD in-game and labelling it's components.

The "Auspex" part of the HUD, which displays stratigic information is normaly hidden, only to be revealed when you look downward. 

Area crontrol points are shown on the auspex in the color of the team that controls them, with their background gradually filling as they are captured.  Area control points are also shown on the overview as a large blob of their team color.

Players are shown on the overview as dots, their color indicating the team the belong to.  This can be used to detect and avoid ambushes.  Artifacts and Capture zones are also shown on the overview.

The Ammo Clip, Stamina, Energy, Power and Heath indicators all have a golden "pip"  indicating the full position of that indicator, red pips show how much of each is remaning.