WH40K:Rival Species


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What's New?

For exisitng Rival Species players to get up to speed with this version.

Changes from 1166

  • Dreadnaughts are limited to 1 per team, now only the driver leader gets a dread .
  • Bikes are no longer equipment, they are now the standard driver class .
  • Menus have been changed to show the number of players in each team and class .
  • The HUD has and scorebaord been revised .
  • Dark Reapers now have blades to defend themselves in close combat .
  • Dire Avengars are a force to be rekoned with .
  • Follow bots are now contolled after the player's death.

Completey new in this version

  • Goff Ork Race (Warboss, Ork Boyz, Storm Boyz and Eavy Boyz) .
  • "Radar" on the HUD .
  • World Eaters Bloodletter, pure close combat class .
  • Special weapons for the World Eater's commander.