WH40K:Rival Species


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There are a variety of maps available in the current version of Rival Species, including designs from both RS team mappers and contributions from fans.

The maps offer many different types of gameplay from bloody small scale arena combat to battles across large maps involving many different troop options and various vehicles. However the objective types can be divided into five categories: Area Control, Capture the Artifact, Direct Confrontation, Destruction and Arena.

Click on map pictures for further details on any of the maps.

Capture the Artifact


The Alaitoc Eldar defend an energy artefact in an ancient Necron Pyramid. The Black Templars guard an eldar soul stone on an abandoned imperial platform. The Alitoc Eldar try to retain their soul stone, while the Black Templars struggle to capture the energy artefact.



Iron Warrors have siezed control of an underground imperal lab.  Blakc Templars must raid the lab and bring out a chaos artifact by way of the subway station.



A Chaos Space Marine Squad attacks a Space Marine Outpost. They attempt to take a grail, an artefact of great power, from the outpost



Retrieve the imperial text to you entry point.



Retrieve the holy text from the cathedral in this city under siege.



The battle takes place on an old ash world. Decades ago the Adeptus Mechanicus has build an outpost on this planet. Now its abandoned and forgotten due to dark and old reasons only the emperor may know about. The only information which has slipped thru the imperial censorship were some rumours about an alien reactor. Some said that the techpriests hadn't enough courage to activate it. Some said they had..... The Mission of the Imperial Marines is to find and defend the reactor against the renegades and heretics.



Black Tempars and Iron Warriors do battle aboard a chaos space hulk.



Eldar must retrive their sacred soulstone that has been stolen by the human empire.



Eldar must retrive their sacred soulstone that has been stolen by the human empire.


Iron Warriors assault a Black Templar fortress on the world Kallastin.

Direct Confrontation


Head to head combat in a dessert canyon.  Plenty of room for bikes and dreadnoughts to manouvre.



Black Templars must defend the reactor against Iron Warriors attack.  The Iron Warriors must first destroy the twin shield generators before they can reach the generator.


Each team seeks to destroy the other teams generator.


The Iron Warriors legion of chaos marines are assulting a Black Tempars fortress.


Site of an orbital assault by the forces of chaos on an imperial paradise world.



A close combat arena inside a necron tomb.  As an added twist their are 5 area control points.  If all the points are controlled by one race they win the round.  3 races fight here.


In the eye of terror ( a rift between the material world and warp space) Alairtoc Eldar and Iron Warriors fight hand to hand for victory.

Area Control


Battle you way through the canyons defences.


Turning point in the battle for a forge world.


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