WH40K:Rival Species


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Currently there are five races available as teams in Rival Species: The Black Templars Space Marine Chapter, the Iron Warriors and World Eaters Chaos Legions, the Eldar and Orks.

Depending on the map, there will be two or more of these teams playing. Each team offers different classes with different weapon options, meaning there are many different options for you to use ingame.

It is VITALLY important you be able to recognise your teammates.  They will get very unhappy if you kill them.

To find out more about the player models and weaponry available for each race, click the pictures below.

Black Tempars

Fanatical Space Marines, defenders of humanity.

Alaitioc Eldar

Ancient and mysterious alien warriors.

Iron Warriors

Twisted Chaos Space Marines, enemies of the Imperium.

World Eaters

Beserk devotees of Khorne, the Blood God.

Goff Orks

Brutal, rugged, tribal, alien, thugs, that live for war.