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Happy New Alpha 1261
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Yep, it's time for a new alpha again. I figured the first of January would be the best possible date for the release. Just like the last one, it is a public pre-release alpha. To me it already feels a lot like a beta but i know there are quite some bugs remaining. So again, join the public Tester Team, increase its numbers and get cracking at this new Alpha version:

simply download the two files, copy ".._u3_full" to Your Half-Life 1 folder and extract it with the directory structure in place. You should have a new modfolder called rspecies_test afterwards and a new entry in your steam games after a restart of steam. Afterwards, extract the patch to alpha 1261 to the same mod folder and you should be updated. While extracting, you should be asked whether to overwrite existing files. If that doesn't happen, you're probably doing it at the wrong place.

And as a little eyecandy on top, I'm showing off the latest finished vehicle weapons for the Cadian Guard: The Sentinel Auto Cannon, Multi Laser and Flamer! They've been finished by ChromeAngel and started by someone else of whom I don't have a record of the name anymore.
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