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General Discussion / Re: Boards Boards Boards
« on: November 22, 2006, 05:41:43 PM »
i doesnt look rs-ish :-). its more the design of (which technically is the host of this forum and all our pages). i will build a different RS'sh style for this forum, that at least hase some nice Rs style images at the top and the bottom... . of course id also like to see a whole RS skin of this, but thats an effort that at least i will not invest. maybe you want to?

as for the download: ill add you tot ehtesters group, then youll see a new forum for it :-).

Rival Species - News / Status of Developement on beta 1.3 (we are at 1.246)
« on: November 12, 2006, 01:07:36 PM »
Well, i guess its due time for som news! Way over time actually... . So, herrrm, with a slight delay, i wish you Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, Happy Easter, probably also Happy Birthday and what sorts of other important dates we missed out on till now ;-). Anyhow, without any further ado: Here is the news:

We managed to test our ways through the alpha version from 1.224 to 1.246 so by now the version seems rather stable again and (which is the main goal for 1.3) it already includes the last two new species, the tau and the necrons for the final version. For now we focus on implementing the weapons for the necrons. They will show off together with the imperial guard as the final setting of the map rs_ca_platform. As a little preview, we have got two screenshots of two weaponeffects for them: the gauss flayer and the gausscannon. The gausscannon will not be available for the necron warrior in the release version.

And here we have some more screenshots. This time they show off the Staff of Light of the Necron Lord:

Well, with quite some delay, I present you the current work in progress by jiggaman :-). He is working on the tau battle suit weapon sets,  to improve their shape and build their skinmeshes. Sadly I forgot to record, who did those models, so if it was you or somebody you know, please tell me about it. These images will update, as soon as i receive new material from jiggaman :-).

And as a last but not least addition to this news post, we have some nice fanart for your enjoyment :-). This image is based (without permission) on ONE DEATHWATCH SPACE MARINE by Nicolas Charriere enhanced and colored by Ryan Marshall.

Today, we finally have a new version of WH40K : Rival Species! It feels like an early Christmas present and has a lot of changes inside. So what did we do since our last Beta 1.200?

First things first, the most important change surely is the way you can access the better classes and weapons in the new version. Unlike before, you get to choose from a small subset at the start and while you stick to the game, your set of choices grows. Only if you are successful of course. So far it might sound familiar from certain other mods, but the difference is, that your success stays with your STEAM_ID on the server that you play on! As well, your success is measured by the strength of the enemy that you encounter. A strong enemy will give quite a lot more points for your choices than a weak one.

But that is not everything we have in this new version for you. Our immense amount of content grew by another species, the Imperial Guard! Still a bit underrepresented, they call for your support to make them conquer the dark universe of Warhammer 40,000. So go, join the Imperial Forces here:

Apart from releasing the latest version if Rival Species, we would also like to draw your attention to our new project: Exterminatus - Rival Species 2. Just like the current project, this mod will be set in Games Workshops great Warhammer 40,000 universe. So Humanity is ruled by a vast, uncaring, priesthood bureaucracy on Earth in the name of the all powerful Emperor. A galaxy of insidious alien races and deviantly chaotic human forces have threatened and fought the Imperium since its earliest days. But that is where the similarities cease. Exterminatus is in development for the Source Engine and the first thing different is, that you have a say on which part of the vast Warhammer 40,000 universe we will bring to live!

To actually have your say, vote in our settings poll: and visit the new homepage at

To finally draw you in, we have some eye candy for your enjoyment:

Rival Species - News / prerelease
« on: November 18, 2005, 03:16:53 AM »
Since yesterday, we finally have a new prerelease version! My personal situation went from stressy to messy, so at the moment I  m happy that we are at least back on some kind of track. If this prerelease survives the next week, then I will finalise and release it as beta 1.3. So go, grab the prerelease here: and make sure that I will release a good and stable version.
On behalf of that, i already have a successful linux compile of the prerelease, so things should go smoothly! The Rival Species Future Poll will close shortly after the beta release, so You will soon see the announcement of Rival Species 2 : Exterminatus for the Source Engine! Beware.

Rival Species - News / guns and rants
« on: September 13, 2005, 10:19:05 AM »
It  s not exactly guns, that i bring You today. It  s more like an Ork rokkitlauncha by Typheron and an Eldar grenade by ChromeAngel. You know, the Chrome did his regular great job und Typheron made his damn nice entry project. Welcome him as our latest addition to the productive team! Enjoy the works of our two heroes below.

And You know what? I hate writing news ... . So this is the rant. I  ve been searching for a PR guy for half an age now, without success. We are nearing a release, but we lack the testers to bulletproof it, guys to advertise it, lads to produce promotional stuff like a video, etc... . So what? You will see what... .

Rival Species - News / Sniper and knife
« on: June 16, 2005, 06:31:44 PM »
some new information is long overdue   . so here we come again, with two   new   models for the cadian guard:
chromeangel quite some time ago managed to finish the skin for it and my humble self converted the black templars combat knife for the cadian guard. so with these two weapons, the weaponrange of the cadian guard seems to be complete for the very first testrun :-).
so we are doing yet another step to approach  the new version! and now on to the eyecandy:

Rival Species - News / the trooper
« on: April 30, 2005, 05:48:45 AM »
While the code for the new version is almost done, we are progressing on the content side. Today its showtime for joves Cadian Guard Sergeant! He has come to lead the fresh meat into the grinder, so go ahead and enjoy him, while you still can:

Rival Species - News / habby easter to ya all
« on: March 25, 2005, 08:29:37 AM »
#mode 1
26.03.2005 07:29:37
Have a nice Easter-Weekend, collect some egss for the team too and generally enjoy yourself  :-D. And in case you dont celebrate it, just have a nice weekend  -).<br />  Oh, and dont forget to feed the lil fluffy bunny to the left, or he might come after you to... collect some eggs for his basket :P.<br />  Ooops, i have the impression he already looks quite hungry! I better hurry up with this, hehe. On a side note, the code-developement for the next version is going very well! You can have a look at what was achieved on the agenda ( down on the left side ). We will soon test the very first implementation of the imperial guard.

Rival Species - News / Rival Species Future Poll
« on: March 06, 2005, 08:39:47 AM »
#mode 1
07.03.2005 07:39:47
After a nice discussion on our IRC channel, i thought its about time to ask you about the future of RS2   . I do that with a poll, like every good web-community should do. So go here:, citizen and make your vote! Our future depends on it! Let not the vile chaos scum impurify your mind to disregard.

Rival Species - News / chromeangels weapon skin frenzy
« on: March 04, 2005, 04:53:03 AM »
#mode 1
05.03.2005 03:53:03
yeah, he did it again! Chromeangel was on a skinning frenzy again. He finished a whole load of weapons, namely the complete current weaponrange for the necrons, and the only available weapon model for the tau, the pulse carbine. Of course you can take a look at his good deeds below, but i also want to use this news post for a little more   textual   information  -).<br />  First off, i just have to tell you, the NoLogo is on a frenzy too! You should remember the news about him joining our team for animatiing, and he damn well does that job! the newly animated weapons pile in my store and i plan to include them in a patch for the current version.<br />  Which brings me to the second point: I am planning to release a patch for the current public version some day ( probably within a few weeks ) adding some convenience stuff and content as mentioned before and above.<br />  ...and the third point is HL2. You guys asked for if, when, how and so on... we would release a converted version for HL2. Well,   if   yes,   when   ... you know we dont know it :-P. And   how   thats what im talking about: For now i will just point out 3 important parts and how we will deal with them. For one we will have to pretty much rebuild the maps for the engine, but we can use the bare architecture. So at some point, there needs to be a poll telling us which maps to convert! We can use the layout of the best of our maps and reproduce them for the new engine. The second big thing is the models: We can reuse them! We will however use a progressive mesh algorithm to increase the polycount for the sake of well rounded models without loosing our skins. The last part is code of course, and there i am just going to look forward to use the new physique-engine and vehicle code instead of having to fiddle with self-written semi-solutions.<br />  And now back to something completely different  -). Enjoy!<br />  [nail]../models/nc/wargear/nail/nc_warscythe.jpg[/nail][nail]../models/nc/wargear/nail/nc_gausscannon.jpg[/nail][nail]../models/nc/wargear/nail/nc_gaussflayer.jpg[/nail][nail]../models/nc/wargear/nail/nc_staffoflight.jpg[/nail]<br />[nail]../models/te/wargear/nail/te_pulsecarbine_01.jpg[/nail]

Rival Species - News / new cadian trooper skin
« on: February 20, 2005, 09:05:26 PM »
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24.02.2005 08:05:26
Its about time for a news update! and a good one indeed! Ohhh the eye-candy :-).  Jove recently finished his skin for the cadian trooper, and even more recently, he managed to port it over to the official camouflage! If you are a forum-regular, then you can see his green pattern on one pf the modelling threads. But here we go for the nice new render in city-camo:<br />  [nail][/nail]

Rival Species - News / progress update and new animator
« on: January 25, 2005, 06:35:43 AM »
#mode 1
28.01.2005 05:35:43
Two days ago, we finally got rid of our lack of an animator :D.  Welcome NoLogo aboard! He is already very productive and has   reanimated   the ork-shoota and newly animated the ork burna. So thanks to his good work, you will be able to see chromeangels great deed in the next patch!<br />  Apart from that, Ninjaboy has finished a full fledged Dark Angels model package to replace the Black Templars! You can grab it here: <br /><a href=  ></a><br />  And if you ever wandered, how to effectively use the classes and weapons of Rival Species, i have a little gimmik for you here: Freeway has written up the first piece of his   strategy-guide   series on the forum! The first issue takes an in-depth view on the Black Templars. You can find it on the main discussion board or enjoy it alongside the renders and screenshots of the Black Templars on our models page!<br />  Well and I have produced a little update for the linux server. Didnt like it as crashy as it was directly after the release  ). I still rely on your reports to fix minor crashes, that might occurr on seldom ocossions!<br />  You can grab the new server file here, if you are a linux-admin:<br /><a href=  ></a><br />And now to something really neat :). If you are a long-time fan, then you probably remember a map named deathvalley by dark marine. it was a wee bit experimental and stretched hl1 beyond its bounds. now he is working on a new version that works very well within these bounds and additionally features orks! we plan to release mroe ork maps with the next patch, but this one shall be enough for today, to keep you distracted  ). Enjoy!<br />  [nail]levels/levels/deathvalley/nail/rs_ca_deathvalley0006.jpg[/nail]  [nail]levels/levels/deathvalley/nail/rs_ca_deathvalley0003.jpg[/nail]  [nail]levels/levels/deathvalley/nail/rs_ca_deathvalley0005.jpg[/nail]     

Rival Species - News / release of version 1.2
« on: January 18, 2005, 07:30:21 AM »
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21.01.2005 06:30:21
It is about time to release a new version of Rival Species!  Our intended release date before the New Year slipped through our fingers. But today, after seemingly endless bug hunting,  we finally made it!<br />  <br />  You surely want to know what exactly we made. So without further ado, I shall go ahead right away with the list of new things in this version:<br />  <br />  Apart from hunting new bugs, we also fixed some old ones:<br />  -fixed that the bots laserguns have red beams<br />  -fixed the messed up bodyqueue<br />  -fixed that vehicles fall into too small areas<br />  -fixed that vehicles dont block doors<br />  -checked the weapon origins of missile weapons<br />  -stopped deploying on weaponswitch<br />  -stopped switch during grenade pullout<br />  -fixed that the player eldar laser tracers are red<br />  -fixed that there are no corpses for dead players<br />  <br />  While it is always nice, to get rid of an annoying bug, we still  more importantly added heaps of new stuff:<br />  -make energy and stamina recharge very slowly during running<br />  -added distinct class health<br />  -made the cheapest melee and the cheapest ranged weapon auto applied if they arent selected<br />  -added spawnpoint information to the scoreboard<br />  -added class member counts to the class menu<br />  -added team member counts to the team menu<br />  -added a special melee damage type<br />  -added radar functionality<br />  -added area control, capture location and artefact sprites to the radar<br />  -allowed the mapper to place a map sprite for the radar<br />  -added a progress bar for the areas<br />  -added a firemode display<br />  -added a respawns display<br />  -added an armor display<br />  -made the radar a drop down part<br />  -added an allied team property for the mission modifier<br />  -built a set of class-specific white shoulderpads<br />  -compiled and include the first ork weapons<br />  -compiled and include the world eater demonsword<br />  -compiled and include the world eater plasmapistol and demonaxe<br />  -did new class bloodletter for WE<br />  -added regeneration on damage for bloodletters<br />  -added in the orkish horde<br />  -gave vehicles seperate health<br />  -includeed the new stikkbomb<br />  -let the player takeover the followbot after death<br />  <br />  And to round this up, I shall list our changes to the gameplay:<br />  -removed freeze from grenades<br />  -removed the weapon switch from freeze<br />  -moved the bikers to the driver class<br />  -made farseer healing an area effect<br />  -made flag taking over an area effect<br />  -disabled friendly fire in close combat<br />  -made close combat slow down running away<br />  -made close combat undeploy weapons<br />  -made close combat cause double spread to weapons<br />  -created fitting sprites for the firemode<br />  -added client variables to disable autoreload, automelee and the upper hud<br />  -slowed deployed movement<br />  -hidden enemy lives display<br />  <br />  So this is the list of all the small and big changes and additions to the game. But where to get it? Right here:<br />  <br />  If you did already have the old version,<br />  then you can download the patch for it from one of the listed locations:<br />  <br /> <a href=""></a><br />provided by <a href=""></a><br />   <a href=  ></a><br />  provided by <a href=  ></a><br />    <a href=  ></a><br />  provided by <a href=  ></a><br />    <a href=  ></a><br />  provided by <a href=  ></a><br />  <br />  Otherwise, you can also get the full version:<br />  <a href=""></a><br />provided by <a href=""></a><br />  <a href=  ></a><br />  provided by <a href=  ></a><br />    <a href=  ></a><br />  provided by <a href=  ></a><br />    <a href=  ></a><br />  provided by <a href=  ></a><br />  <br />  And should you want to host a linux server, then you will need this file:<br /> <a href=""></a><br />provided by <a href=""></a><br /> <a href=  ></a><br />  provided by <a href=  ></a><br />  <br />  So what is left to say? Go ahead, download, install and join the fray :D. WAAAAAGH! ( orkish battle scream ). 

Rival Species - News / new maps for the new version
« on: January 14, 2005, 12:35:00 PM »
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17.01.2005 11:35:00
during this weekend, we fixed a few ( hopefully last ) bugs and now the current alpha version is off for the linux compile! that means, the upcoming release is very likely only a few days away! you might experience a server shutdown on 1st catachan and a new version being played there without you being able to join.  that will be our last testing phase, when we verify the linux version. <br />  <br />  so what will you see in the new version? among all the new stuff that i will talk about when the release is done, you will see three ( officially ) new maps!<br />  <br />   the first to show off today is blackhawk by chromeangel. his latest great deed is the first map that features the orks! they defend their fortress against stranded black templars. the goal of them is to destroy the big cannon in the fortress.<br />  [nail]levels/levels/blackhawk/nail/rs_de_blackhawk60000.jpg[/nail]  [nail]levels/levels/blackhawk/nail/rs_de_blackhawk60001.jpg[/nail]  [nail]levels/levels/blackhawk/nail/rs_de_blackhawk60002.jpg[/nail]  <br />  the second one is centurion by zamme. this truely evil map is kind of a remake of kallastin. you wont find too many similarities though. it features a battle between the iron warriors and the world eaters on one of the lost planets in the warp. the chaos gods always hunger for souls and they dont care if they take them from their rivals or from the real world. the goal of this map is to get hold on all of the critical areas on the map.<br />  [nail]levels/levels/centurion/nail/rs_ac_centurion0007.jpg[/nail]  [nail]levels/levels/centurion/nail/rs_ac_centurion0002.jpg[/nail]  [nail]levels/levels/centurion/nail/rs_ac_centurion0001.jpg[/nail]  <br />  and last, but certainly not least is city_conflict by dark marine! you will remember this map, if you played the custom mappack from a year ago! an early version of this map was included. now he took the design to a new level. it is bigger, technically better ( lower rspeeds ) and features all current species in an allied war! you fight  to control areas, and whichever allied forces take hold of them all will win the battle. black templars and alaitoc eldar are allied against world eaters and iron warriors. <br />  [nail]levels/levels/city_conflict/nail/rs_ac_city_conflict0006.jpg[/nail]  [nail]levels/levels/city_conflict/nail/rs_ac_city_conflict0000.jpg[/nail]  [nail]levels/levels/city_conflict/nail/rs_ac_city_conflict0007.jpg[/nail]  <br /> 

Rival Species - News / ho ho ho
« on: January 02, 2005, 02:00:06 AM »
#mode 1
05.01.2005 01:00:06
yeah, i know im late with this :P. but i wont apologize for it. so just imagine that its still late december and you expect a nice orky santa to come down your chimney and light up the fire hehe. and he will do that with his brand new sparkling.. err rusty burna   . chromeangel just recently finished modelling and skinning this hot new weapon for the orks. <br />  by this you can see, we are already producing for the next version after the upcoming release.. UPCOMING RELEASE? yap. you read correctly! <br />  just today the current alpha finally passed the mapcycle test! that means it is stable enough for a release! i will talk about the new features and content  in the newsletter that announces the release.  just a little hint here: waaaaaagh   . well before your get mad by anticipation, ill hand the screenshot of the new burna for your distraction  o).<br />  [nail]models/gf/wargear/nail/gf_burna_01.jpg[/nail]<br />  <br />  and no... that is by FAR not everything that we have in store for you! as said, we are already pushing forward towards the next version and today is also the day to show of the progress for the imperial guard! jove finished some damn nice guardsmen, who desperately search their virtual costumes   . enjoy the skinmeshed models below:<br />  [nail]models/cd/warriors/nail/cd_trooper_01.jpg[/nail][nail]models/cd/warriors/nail/cd_trooper_01x.jpg[/nail]<br />  aaaand on with the imperial goodness! we wont stop this so soon... . colonel straken from the 1st-catcachan clan has finished the model of the basilisk! that is a fearsome piece of artillery. we are have not yet decided on how to bring this vehicle into the game, but when it comes, be sure it will cause utter destruction! <br />  [nail]models/cd/vehicles/nail/cd_basilisk_01.jpg[/nail]<br />  which species will the cadian guard kill first with that evil weaponry? well, chances are, that their first encounter will be the vile necrons! and guess which character model range has just been finished... . yep! correctly.... chromeangel has been slaving away on the player-mdoels for this species and i ahve to say, he did a great job. his latest addition is the necron lord who .. no THAT will lead his fellow combat-robots into battle. take a close look at him below... take a look into the face of your nemisis.<br />  you will see a second necron model below: the flayed one. that is a conversion of the original necron warrior by bloodyharry. he has transformed the common fighter-class into something wicked: a horrifying monster with bits and parts of human skin and flesh all over his body and a pair of razorsharp, long and bloody claws. these afst attack troops will bring terror to their enemies.<br />  [nail]models/nc/warriors/nail/nc_lord_01.jpg[/nail][nail]models/nc/warriors/nail/nc_flayed_01.jpg[/nail]

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